How It Works, Y’all

s_belle_smSo, this is how it’s going to work.  At least twice a month “The Three Friends” will set out on a gastronomic adventure to one of the Triangle’s food truck.  Once the food truck is located each of the friends will order an item off the main menu and a side if they see something that tickles their fancy.  Once they have their selections in hand, they will then share a bite of their selection with the others.  That way everyone gets to try all of the items ordered.  Using our clever rating scale The Bad Boy, The Southern Bell and The Traveler will rate each selection.  What about Bob the Cat you ask?  Well, we will put together a “Bob Bag” with a sampling of each item that The Traveler will take home to Bob for his dining enjoyment and review.  After the last bite has been tasted and reviewed we will post our review on this site.

Let’s do lunch!                                                                                                                                                          S. Belle

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