A Cat Named Bob – My Life History


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bobcat_smIf you follow Triangle Street Eats, you know I have been put to work to sample food truck cuisine. Some readers have asked about me. They want to know my story. I was born in Idaho. I am an American Bobtail. Here is a link that talks about my breed;

My mom, The Traveler was driving along the Columbia River. She stopped at a Walmart store. She was approached by three children, holding a box. Inside that box were me and my five siblings. I must say, we were adorable, with our stubby little tails. The children asked my mom if she wanted a kitten. She was driving cross country and she looked at us, but told them no. It was then when they told that if they did not give the kittens away, their father was going to kill whatever the brought back home.

This mortified my mom, so she told them she would take me! She went to the store, purchasing a litter box, soft food, portable water dish, harness and a lead. She made a bed for me on the console and I was soon on my way to my new home. During the trip she decided to name me Bob. I personally think she could have been more creative, but it is what it is. I was 10 years old in April.

I lived in Missouri for 3 years. We then moved to Kansas, living there for nearly 1 year. Mom got a promotion so we moved to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I loved it there. I got hunt and explore. Our basement was infested with Chipmunks.   I would catch one every night and leave it on the bed for mom. I wanted to share my good fortune.

We lived in Michigan for 2+ years. Mom got another transfer and we moved to Louisiana. It was hot there. I stayed in the house, unless mom took me to her friend’s house in the country. Mom decided to transfer to North Carolina and we are still here until Mom decides to move again. She usually takes me with her when she travels, so I never get bored. Plus now I get to be a food critic!

I have a large screened in porch and can go out anytime I want. I find lizards and frogs to keep up on my hunting skills. Mom and her friends have decided I need to earn my keep, so now I sample food from the food trucks they visit. We have just started so we will see how it goes. I tend to be picky about what I eat.

I found out last week I am getting a new brother. I will have to keep you updated on how well that works out. Until then, I will hang out and enjoy life in North Carolina working when needed.

1 thought on “A Cat Named Bob – My Life History

  1. Hi Bob! Thank you for the post! Nice to meet you. You’re an interesting cat and very fortunate I’d say. I wish I had your job, testing food! I agree with you about the name. There’s nothing wrong with Bob but she could have been more creative. You actually look more like a “Smokey” or a “Winston”. Can’t wait to read what you think about the food.


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