Jack-the-Cat Comes Home



mary_smThe Traveler

I traveled to St Louis, Missouri over the Memorial Day Week. I wanted to miss some of the heavy holiday traffic, so I left at 4:30 pm. My GPS took me on a very interesting route taking me through Kentucky. At times I was the only car on the road. I finally stopped at 2 am outside of Lexington, Kentucky. I got up by 7 am and reached St Louis by 12:30 pm.

My friend Aisha told me the Food Network Food Truck Race was in town. We attempted to find some of the trucks, but we could never find them. It was very disappointing. http://www.stltoday.com/entertainment/television/gail-pennington/more-details-on-great-food-truck-race-in-st-louis/article_f28aa447-a1d1-566c-9731-88f9e34bda50.html

I wanted to visit some dear friends, the Chaudhry’s. It was nice catching up and seeing how much their two children had grown. We got a few days of shopping. The Costco in St Louis has a much better selection and I was disappointed when I couldn’t find the same items here.

On Thursday we drove to the outlets at the Lake of The Ozarks, in central Missouri. The shopping was a bust, but we enjoyed spending the day at the lake. http://www.funlake.com/

We headed north so I could do the Cemetery run, putting flowers on my parents, Grandparents and Great Grandparent’s graves. I stopped by Hy Vee, a local grocery store and picked some breaded pork tender loins. They don’t make them in North Carolina. It was a quick trip and we headed back to St Louis.   http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=pictures+of+mississippi+river+crossings+in+Missouri&qpvt=pictures+of+mississippi+river+crossings+in+Missouri&FORM=IGRE

http://www.visithannibal.com/en/On Saturday I left St Louis to go to Mentone, Alabama to pick up Bob’s new brother, Jack. I traveled through East St Louis and survived, on to Nashville and on to northeastern Alabama. I finally reached Mentone, picked up Jack and made it to North Carolina. We spent the night, so I could enjoy the Smokey Mountains.http://www.visitsmokies.org/

It was a beautiful drive. Jack was a great traveler and rode on the heated passenger seat all of the way. We arrived home on Sunday. I took the day off on Monday, because I needed to run some errands and pick up Bob from the kennel and take Jack to the Vet.

Bob and Jack met in the car and it was uneventful. I had read on how to introduce a new kitten so set up things in the spare bathroom. I would bring Jack out in the evening and Bob was curious. However Jack was not and was very aggressive, hissing and growling. Bob would ignore him. Later in the week Jack decided he wanted to be friends and Bob remained aloof. Today Bob actually got on the bed with Jack so I think everything will be okay.

I had planned on going to the food truck rodeo, but had noticed a whining nose come from my right rear tire. I experienced this before with another car and I think it is a wheel bearing. I am taking it in to be looked at tomorrow. Hopefully they will be able to get it fixed while I am at work.

I hope to back in commission by Saturday, so I can join the Belle and the Bad Boy in reviewing more food trucks.

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