Dump Pho King Food Truck at Sub Noir Anniversary



The Friends took the opportunity to join the first year anniversary party at Sub Noir Brewing Company and visit a food truck. Belle likes a good celebration, The Traveler likes to multi task and Bad Boy enjoys a good brew so it was the prefect thing to do on a Saturday afternoon. When we arrived it looked like the party was in full swing and there was a long line waiting to get a glass from the special cask of Sour Flanders Red Ale. As we were checking out the happening, Bad Boy and I ran into our new friend Paul who introduced us to the Sub Noir Brewers, Michael and Brennan and Amy Michael’s wife who helps them in the tap room. While we were learning about the brewery from Michael and Brennan, The Travel had procured us seating at a table under one of the tents for us to partake of our selections from the Dump Pho King Food Truck.

mary_smThe Traveler:

Saturday afternoon, was a chance for Belle, Bad Boy and the Traveler to reconnect after the Memorial Day holiday. We were excited to go to the Sub Noir Brewing Company to sample their creations. The brewery brought back memories of my father, because he too crafted his own beer, using a large stone jug, placing a large balloon on top. I can still remember how proud he was of his “home” brew. The crowd was large and the line was long to try the new cask. Not Just Icing gave out samples of their chocolate cake brushed with the cherry beer topped by a cherry, which had a remarkable flavor.

We had been anxiously awaiting the food of the Dump Pho King Truck. We were surprised with the large crowd at the brewery; there was no line at the food truck. I purchased a bubble tea, the slaw noodle salad and the Cheerwine bulgogi sloppy Joe. Belle got the Beef Pho and Bad Boy got the Pork Chive dumplings.

The highlight of my meal was the premade bubble tea. It was slightly sweet, with mild spice similar to a weak Chai tea. The Sloppy Joe was small for the price. The presentation was nice, but the flavor was average.

The Pork Chive dumplings were average as well, lacking adequate seasoning even when dipped in the commercial sauces the truck made available.

The Beef Pho, was flavorless. It lacked color and content. I have eaten excellent beef pho before, and this was not it. It was unpalatable and I could not eat it. Unless the recipe is revised, I would recommend taking it off the menu.

The worse food offense was the Slaw Noodle Salad. The noodles were uncooked, as if dropped in the boiling water and immediately removed. There was a lack of dressing seasoning and vegetables. The noodles were not the typical Ramen noodles. I could not eat it. Once again, maybe the Dump Pho King was having an off day, but as is this menu item needs to be revised or removed.

I purchased a cupcake from Not Just Icing, but unless I somehow missed it while unloading my car, the Bad Boy kept my cupcake, so I did not get to try the Mexican Chocolate with cinnamon.

While the brewery was a delight, the food was to say a disappointment. It was the first time we had to go away hungry and find a place to eat afterward. Hopefully the Dump Pho King truck was having an off day and if we try their food again it will significantly improve.

s_belle_smSouthern Belle:

Traveler and Bad Boy continue to encourage me to step outside my comfort zone, so I ordered the Beef Pho, a dish I had never tried. Since I have nothing to use for a ­­­­bench mark, I can’t say whether the beef pho was good or bad compared other Pho’s. However, to me there was very little flavor and the cubes of meat were gray. After tasting the Pho, I moved on to our other selections. The Cheerwine bulgogi sloppy Joe was my favorite dish. Not only did it look good but it also had a very nice flavor and the meat was very tender. Bad Boy and Traveler had introduced me to dumplings and pot stickers over a year ago and I found I liked them. Today’s pork and chive dumplings were OK and I would order them again.

When Traveler brought the noodle slaw to the table I was excited because at a previous event I had tried Dump Pho King’s “ramen noodle slaw” and really enjoyed it although they had run out of ramen noodles for the slaw. It was crisp with a tasty dressing that had just a slight hint of spice. You can’t imagine my disappointment when I tried today’s noodle slaw. Being from the south, when I see slaw on the menu I expect a sufficient about of cabbage this was not the case with this dish. Also, the noodles were tough due to being under cooked. Ladies, take my advice and go back to your ramen noodle slaw.

Like Bad Boy and Traveler, I am hoping that the ladies of the Dump Pho King were having an off day.

bruce_smBad Boy:

While out on Thursday evening doing a twitter session at Fortnight Brewery, The Belle and I struck up a conversation with a patron, Paul. He informed us there would be quite a gathering Saturday at Sub Noir Brewing Company for their 1st year anniversary. He explained Sub Noir was the smallest microbrewery in all of North Carolina. He also told us that a newcomer to the food truck circuit in the Triangle Area, Dump Pho King Truck, would be there along with Not Just Icing Urban Entree. This seemed the perfect opportunity to visit yet another brewery, as well as sample the cuisine of a Triangle Area food truck for the purposes of review.

We arrived on Saturday, and found a huge crowd of Sub Noir faithful followers were indeed gathered outside. The atmosphere was festive and orderly, with people enjoying crafted brews and struggling to stay in the meager shade. After getting the tour, and an introduction to the proprietors, I selected an Eccentrica Ginger Triple, while the Belle had a Hi-yo Saison Belgian styled ale.

After I had drunk most of the hearty ale, which had a surprisingly pleasant tone of ginger, I was primed to sample the fare from Dump Pho King Truck. The four courses we decided to sample were: Pork and Chive Dumplings, Beef Pho, Cheerwine Bulgogi Sloppy Joe and the Asian Noodle Slaw. I had seen these items shown, as well as described, from The Wandering Sheppard’s blog, and was looking forward to being amazed by young artisans eager to please hungry patrons. Instead, I was served food that was sub-par and resembled nothing like that, which I had previously anticipated. I will let the ratings below speak for themselves. All I can say is that, it is my fondest hope that this was just an ‘off-day’ for the team Dump Pho King Truck, and that they would welcome a re-review in the future, at our discretion.

bobcat_smA Cat Named Bob and His Brother Jack

Bob: I admit to being a finicky eater, but none of the food held any appeal. Mom tried breaking the food down, into individual bites, but I still was not interested.

Jack: I eat anything. I tried a taste of each Dump Pho King truck food item, walked away and ate cat food instead. I am developing my likes and dislikes.



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