Green Olive Deli Gets the Green Light


There has been an influx of new restaurants and food trucks in the Triangle area recently. On Friday we had the opportunity to eat at the Cowfish. It is a trendy eatery combining burgers and sushi resulting in a very interesting menu. The service was top notch and the food did not disappoint.

Belle was still recovering from her cataract surgery on Thursday, Jack from his appointment at the Vet, getting more of his vaccinations; and the traveler from acupuncture treatments for her back, but we decided to try one of the new food trucks serving lunch at the Sub Noir Brewery. The Green Olive Deli has been up and running for approximately 3 weeks. The owner, Hugh Mokry makes simple food taste exquisite in his neon green food truck. He transforms bread from a grocery chain, into bread that could have been purchased at a fine bakery.   His use of fresh ingredients are transformed in to gastronomical delights.


The Green Olive Deli offered a variety of sandwich selections. I being part Italian ordered the Italian Beef sandwich. I know good Italian Beef since it was a staple at our house growing up. The bread was soft and held up to the ingredients piled upon it. The beef was tender, moist and flavorful; with pieces of sweet green peppers on top. On the side was a spicy giardiniera. Italian giardiniera is also called “sotto aceti”, which means “under vinegar”, a common term for pickled foods. It is typically eaten as an antipasto or with salads. In the United States, giardiniera is commonly available in traditional or spicy varieties, and the latter is sometimes referred to as “Hot Mix”. I loved the Green Olive’s version of the Italian Beef. It was as good as what I make at home.

I also ordered the Hummus topped with tabouli salad on a grilled Caiabatta roll. Both the hummus and tabouli were perfectly season and balanced, and beautifully presented. For those not familiar with Mediterranean cuisine; Hummus is dip or spread made from cooked, mashed chickpeas blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic.   Tabouli is traditionally made of tomatoes, finely chopped parsley, mint, and onion, and seasoned with olive oil, lemon juice, and salt. Bulgur is often added to the dish; some variations add garlic or lettuce, or use couscous instead of bulgur.

The Jambon Beurre selected by Belle had a wonderful French ham with butter, mayonnaise and mustard on a French baguette. The flavor combination was wonderful.

The Chicken Panini ordered by the Bad Boy was your typical panini sandwich. The chicken was okay, but did not have the flavor experience as did the Italian, the Jambon Beurre and the hummus tabouli combination. I would suggest adding a sauce or relish to give it that extra special element.

My suggestion to the Green Olive would be to simplify your menu, definitely keeping the Italian beef, Jambon Beurre and the hummus/tabouli combo and possibly the chicken and then have a daily special.

s_belle_smSouthern Bell:

Julia Child once said, “Cooking well doesn’t mean cooking fancy.” Hugh of the Green Olive Deli Food Truck exemplifies this very statement. The friends were not disappointed with any of our selections. As they say, you eat first with your eyes and Hugh is an artist when it comes to presentation of food served on a paper tray. One look at each selection from the Green Olive Deli made you think you were going to have a scrumptious eating adventure. Each of the sandwiches were served with a side of tabouli salad and baby carrots. The Hummus was a mixture of textures with smooth hummus on a piece of crisp toasted Caiabatta and topped with tabouli salad.

The hummus was a tasty starter with a nice bright flavor. My favorite sandwich was the Jambon Beurre which consisted of French ham and butter. This was a very nice offering with just the perfect combination of flavors. The Traveler’s selection of the Italian Beef was a hearty sandwich full of moist, favorable meat. The chicken panini was nicely done but lack the “umph” of the other selections; maybe a little mayo or pesto would have made a difference. Before I had the Tabouli salad from the Green Olive I was not a fan of tabouli but Hugh’s redemption of this dish has changed my mind.

The crowd was small while we were at Sub Noir and this gave us an opportunity to meet Hugh, the owner of the Green Olive Deli. He shared his story with us along with the history of his bright green truck he has lovingly named “Ziggy”. Although Hugh described his selections as peasant food, it is definitely fit for a king.

bruce_smBad Boy:

Passion, It’s what separates us from beast, isn’t it? I believe that if more people had a passion about anything, then the world could be a better place, and society would be more cohesive. An example of this would be Hugh Mokry’s passion for his simple, yet delicious sandwiches and cleverly inspired sides. Also, learning about his passion to stifle hunger, and draw attention to it here in our area through his modest upstart business, Green Olive Deli Food Truck, was heartwarming as well.

Team Triangle Street Eats had the opportunity to sample his fare and chat with him about his new business venture. What we found was a man passionate about community and making a difference. Here at Triangle Street Eats, we too are passionate about helping small, independent business becoming successful, and making a contribution to our community in return. I believe it goes without saying, we have met a like-minded individual in Hugh Mokry.

It was a slow Saturday afternoon at Sub Noir, especially if you consider that upon our first visit, which was their 1st Anniversary party, patrons had all but overwhelmed the resources of the “boutique brewery.” Not being discouraged, we found a place under a small pop-up, and looked over the menu.

We had decided to sample the Italian Beef Sandwich, the Jambon Beurre, as well as a Roasted Chicken Panini. We also sampled his signature side, Hummus topped with tabouli salad, over grilled Caiabatta bread. All of which were very good. As I enjoyed our selections, I had a pint of Sub Nior’s Hi-yo, Saison, which I had fallen in love with on my first visit.

It might interest readers of our blog that we have updated our Triangle Area Food Truck Index Page. Please visit our latest version, complete with newcomers to the food truck community, as well as links to trucks we have already reviewed…Stay hungry my friends!


I liked it all except the green stuff, but liked the taste of the spread under it. I even tried to eat Bob’s share. I am always hungry, since I am a growing boy.

Mom took me to the Vet on Friday. She said I had to come back in September for something she called neutering. I asked my brother Bob what neutering was, but he only smiled telling me I would find out soon enough. I am not sure if I should be worried.


I liked the chicken just the way it was. I am not a huge fan of vegetables, but liked the beef from the sandwich. I refused to try the hummus/tabouli salad combo. If I want to eat something green I prefer catnip or grass. I loved the ham and even ate the bread.

My brother Jack is a real pain.  He tries to steal my food, wants to play all of the time, bites my tail but I know something he doesn’t know; what N-E-U-T-E-R-I-N-G means.  You know what they say about paybacks…. after IT happens maybe he will not pester me as much.



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