Jack-the-Cat Visits the Vet

photo 1

mary_smThe day for Jack’s surgery arrived on September 4th. Since the Vet’s office did not open early enough for me to drop him off before work, I had to drop him off the night before. It was raining so hard at times I could hardly see the road. Jack was crying and trying to get out of his soft carrier. He hates been locked up. He is happy to ride in the car, if I allow him to roam freely. The problem is he likes to get down by my feet which make it difficult to use the brake and the accelerator.

Suddenly the rain stopped and there was a large rainbow, which was relatively close to the ground. It was still there when I pulled into the Vet’s parking lot. As usual, there was a long wait. I have never gone there without having to wait. They tell me the Vet wants to explain the surgery to me. I told the clerk behind the counter, that it was not necessary, because I understood the procedure. Jack was being neutered. She went back to the Vet and told me I did not have to wait and I was on my way.

When I got home, Bob was so happy. He came up to me and wanted to be picked up, which he has not done for ages. He hopped on the bed and roamed over it, lying in various places. It was if he was telling me he was happy that Jack was gone. I think he hoped it was forever.

September 4th was D-Day for the surgery. I received a phone call around 3pm telling me Jack had done well and was ready to go home. I had some concerns because I was afraid that Bob might lick the incision site. I had them keep him an additional night. Once again I arrive home and Bob seemed like a different cat. He was very affectionate and seemed to be making up for the lost affection, since Jack’s arrival. Bob would run every time Jack came near him. I told Bob that Jack was coming back and he would look up at me with sad eyes as if to say “Why”.

Friday evening, Jack returned. He was full of energy and very happy to be home. He kissed and started kneading me. In the cat world it is referred to as paddling, not sure why. But Bob got on the bed, lay on the other side and held his own. He did not run. I think Bob finally realized that Jack is not leaving and he needs to show him who is boss.

It has been nearly a week, the incision area has scabbed over, Jack shows no ill effects and Bob seems like his old self. He is anxious to get back to trying different foods. I got tickets for the Raleigh International Festival and the “Boys” are ready.

The Traveler.

photo 1Bob

When Mom put Jack in the crate and took him out of the house, I am ecstatic. It is not that I hate him, but there is such a large age difference between us. Jack wants to play and wrestle, because he is seven-months old.   I am 10 years old and I don’t like to play as rough. Sometimes I will really go at him, but he keeps coming back. He has taken over Mom’s bed and that really bothers me. She tries to give me extra attention, but all I can think of is why did you have to get Jack and bring him into my home.

After he returned from the Vet, he had not changed, still full of energy. But I had decided I was no longer going to allow him to rule the roost. Now, I will get on the bed and get affection from Mom whenever I want. At first Jack seemed surprised, now he sits back and leaves me alone when I tell him to bug off.


I fought Mom when she tried to put me in Bob’s carrier. But she was too quick and too strong for me. I hate being in a carrier. Bob’s carrier is soft and padded. My carrier is hard. It was raining as she took me to the car. She put me in the front seat so I could see her. I tried to scratch through the mesh on the front of the carrier, but my claws did not cut through. I used my head and feet to push. This got me nowhere. I began to cry and yowl because I was angry.

Mom ignored me, and we continued on our way. She told me we were going to the Vet and I would be spending the night. I think, “What”, why would you make me stay here in this strange smelling place in a hard metal cage? I could not believe she was doing it. At 8 pm, the people took away my food. I love to eat and now I had nothing. It was difficult to sleep.

The next morning, someone comes to my cage. I think they are going to feed me, but they take me out and into a cold room in back. An IV is placed in my left front leg. The next think I remember is being back in my cage. I don’t feel much because they gave me a large shot of pain medication. Now I know what neutering is. They removed my balls. I go back to sleep. I thought Mom was going to pick me up that night, but I had to stay there for another day. I feel well, no pain but I miss the sensation of my balls. I don’t know why She did this to me.

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