Western Wake Farmers Market


mary_smThe Belle and I had been reading and hearing about the Western Wake Farmers’ Market, so we decided to go check it out, after eating brunch at Toast Cafe. We had an excellent meal, chatted with Dean Kessel and his wife Beth, the owners as well as Brian Burchill, founder of the Toast franchise from Charlotte. With our bellies filled we braved the NC State Fair traffic and were soon at the market.

The produce at the Western Wake Farmers’ Market is grown locally. For mid-October, there was a large selection of vegetables. There were various turnips, okra, peppers, cabbage, greens and eggplant to name a few. I purchased Japanese salad turnips. They were sweet and not bitter. I normally don’t turnip greens, but I did these. I plan to go back and purchase more.

There were venders selling various types of meats, ranging from beef, lamb, pork, chicken, turkeys, seafood and rabbits. Seeing rabbit meat available brought back memories from my childhood.

I grew up on a farm in northeastern Missouri and my father had decided to raise rabbits. They are a wonderful source of meat. My mother would make a rabbit sausage. It was a lot of work, but the results were worth it and we loved it. I could still remember the smell of it cooking and then eating it on warm homemade bread. I will be ordering rabbit from the Chatham Rabbit Farm in the near future.

Angelina’s Kitchen was there selling wonderful soups and other items. Annelore’s German Bakery had apple strudel, lemon bars and other fresh baked delights. Hillsborough Cheese offered samples of hand-crafted cheeses. Gertrude’s Garden Gems offered a select of home grown flowers and wild flower honey. The Great Harvest Bread Company offered freshly made whole grain breads. The Cilantro Mediterranean Grill had samples of Middle Eastern food, which was quite tasty. Fickle Creek Farm offered free-range eggs and pasture-raised meats. Local’s Seafood had offerings of fresh shrimp, sea scallops, crab meat, Little Neck clams and Chadwick Creek oysters. Fortnight Brewery and Pub was present with samples of their fine brews. The Fox Mushroom Patch supplied various mushrooms, Belle bought some lion head mushrooms to make mushroom soup. These were a few of the vendors present. I apologize for the vendors I failed to mention.

We finished our shopping and headed back to Belles to pick up the Badboy. We contacted Uber to get a ride to the North Carolina Theatre to see A Chorus Line. We ended our day of adventure by having an early dinner at Mura Sushi. The food was fantastic and the friends left feeling full and satisfied. We appreciated the personal attention from James Woods, Bar Manager. We Ubered back to Belle’s letting our driver deal with the fair traffic on 440 while watched the other frustrated drivers trying to get to their destinations.

The Traveler


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