P G Werth’s Restaurant and Market


pgwerth_logoBad Boy and I first met Chef Hamm at Rebus Works during The Saturday Market where we enjoyed Chef’s excellent omelet made with produce from the market. Chef Hamm also took time to talk with us about his plans for P G Werth’s Restaurant and Market in downtown Raleigh. The restaurant would feature Blue Ridge-inspired cuisine using locally grown foods and the market would feature artisan-baked goods, a coffee bar, gluten-free prepared foods, craft beer, wine and cocktails. We asked Chef Hamm about his choice of name for the new restaurant. He explained Patricia Guy Werth, was a culinary instructor who inspired him.

The Friends have been eagerly awaiting the opening of P G Werth’s for the past few months and we are happy to report the wait is over. The restaurant located on the ground floor of the 927 W. Morgan Street apartment building opened this past Friday night. The next night found The Friends experiencing Chef Gregory Hamm’s latest venture. We arrived a few minutes before our reservation time so we checked out the market and coffee bar as well as absorbed the atmosphere. The restaurant is beautifully done, warm, modern and inviting. P G Werth’s has floor to ceiling windows and faces Morgan Street making it a great place to enjoy your meal and watch the world go by.

After we were seated we began to look over the menu. The Traveler and I were both using the flashlight on our phones to read the menu. The hostess noticed this and turned up the lighting for our table – excellent planning to design the lighting so adjustments can be made for individual tables! We had soon made our selections and were ready to order. For starters The Friends decided to share the Calamari Cocktail and Fried Green Beans. The Traveler picked the Fair Game Apple Tipper Pork Chop, Bad Boy chose Duck, Duck Grits and I went with the Signature Rib eye.

Seeing we were ready to order our waiter, Austin, came over. I think Traveler and I made him a little nervous with all our questions and request; however he took it all in stride. First Traveler, since she is not a big sweet potato fan, wanted to know if she could substitute. Then I wanted to know if I could have the Rib eye prepared medium well not Pittsburgh style and with the pimento cheese on the side not smothering the steak. Austin assured us this could be done. Bad Boy ordered his Duck, Duck, Grits as is. As we were placing our order Chef Hamm delighted all the diners by bringing out complimentary Fried Green Bean appetizers for each table.

fried-beansWe enjoyed the appetizers. The Fried Green Beans with ranch drizzle were our favorite. If you’ve never tried fried green beans it is an experience in itself. Next our entrees arrived “just as we ordered.” Traveler had rosemary potatoes instead of sweet potatoes and my rib eye was cooked to the doneness I requested with the pimento cheese in a side dish. All our dishes were well plated.

The Traveler’s pork chop was moist and tender and the apple tipper glaze enhanced the taste. Bad Boy found the duck breast and leg confit to be moist and tasty. The grits were smooth and velvety with a great flavor. The pork belly kale was a nice compliment for the duck. My steak was cooked exactly to my liking. The lean to fat ratio indicated the high quality of the meat making it a juicy and flavorful steak. Traveler and Bad Boy tasted the pimento chees and said it was A-one.

choc-pieWhen we thought we were near the end, Austin returned to tempt us with the dessert offerings. The Friends decided we would share 3 of these: Cold Oven Almond Pound Cake, Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie and Peanut Butter Cheesecake. We enjoyed all 3 and couldn’t come to a consensus – each having their favorite.

As we were waiting for Uber to arrive for our trip home, Traveler and I meet Zsuzsa, the owner of Moonflour Bakery. Moonflour Bakery offers gluten free artisan baked goods. Zsuzsa’s breads are featured the market at P G Werth’s.

I believe Chef Hamm has hit a home run right from the start terms of concept, menu and atmosphere. I can see this delightful restaurant becoming a popular destination for triangle foodies. I encourage you to pay P G Werth’s a visit.


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