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Restaurant Week 2015 – Revolution, Durham, NC


  • Executive Chef and Proprietor: Jim Anile
  • Location: 107 West Main St. Durham, North Carolina
  • Phone: 919-956-9999

Emblem_Triangle2015v4On Friday, January 30th Belle and I were going to DPAC to see 50 Shades the Musical, a parody of the Fifty Shades of Gray series by E. L. James at DPAC. Since it was Restaurant Week, we chose to go to Revolution. We were seated promptly and the two-top table had ample room, with lovely place settings instead of the usual cramped table. The bar was large and very busy. The manager, John Ray, greeted us and I let him know we would be blogging about the restaurant. Our waiter arrived to our table with an unpleasant attitude. Belle cannot eat raw meat, so had a question about the Chicken Fried New York Strip, asking about the doneness of the meat. His response was it was done when the breading was done and there was no way to adjust the cooking of the steak. It was delivered in an “I am better than you” attitude.

After this encounter our orders were taken. I chose the Charred Octopus Salad served with shaved onion, red peppers, smoked paprika and shiso gastrique. The octopus was expertly cooked and married well with the other ingredients. I loved the dish. Belle ordered the Haystack Shrimp, spicy shrimp with a nice aioli. The dish was great; the shrimp was cooked well and the other ingredients complemented and enhanced the flavor of the shrimp. I sampled the ample portion and agreed with Belle that it was a hit. I also ordered the Clams & Pork Belly with coconut in a spicy red curry sauce from the regular menu. The clams were filled with sand and the pork belly was difficult to find.

When our waiter brought our entrées he appeared to have done a 360 turn and his attitude became pleasant. Perhaps it was because we were tweeting out complementary statements regarding the food. We both chose Chicken Fried New York Strip: creamed corn succotash, smashed Yukon potatoes with onion gravy. My steak was perfect with a slight hint of pink. The breading was seasoned well with salt and pepper. I loved the mashed potatoes and gravy. I am usually not a fan of succotash, but found this to be better than the usually succotash, providing a textural element to the dish. Belle enjoyed her steak as well but felt the succotash could have been omitted. We both agreed that the entrée was large enough to be shared by two. We ended the meal by ordering a Chocolate Mousse Cake with a hazelnut almond crust, orange coulis and caramel sauce. I am not a dark chocolate fan, so after one bite I was done. Belle loved the cake and since were going to DPAC, after taking her bite, boxed up both pieces to enjoy at a later time.

Service at a restaurant definitely influences patron/customer’s impression of the meal. The food can be outstanding but if the service is bad, I probably will not return. Perhaps our waiter was having a bad evening, but his attitude did change and the food was outstanding so Belle and I would definitely return.

mary_smUntil Next Time – The Traveler