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Our Story

mary_smOn weekends, the Southern Belle, Bad Boy and the Traveler get together and it usually involves food.  Last year, we went to Ted Talks and had the opportunity to dine from food trucks.  We had never thought of them as a “true” dining experience, since we had remember the food trucks of the past.  We watched the Food Truck Races on the Food Network and began to notice the different food trucks in the Triangle region and their extensive menus.

The Bad Boy, while stranded at home due to the snow, put his creative talents to use and came up with the idea to try the various food trucks and to write a blog.  He presented his idea to the Southern Belle and the Traveler and they were immediately on board; thus Triangle Street Eats was born. 

We hope you will follow us on our adventures with the sampling of the food truck cuisines and perhaps follow our example and support the local owners of the food trucks.  As Betty Davis once said; “Fasten your Seat bells” and get ready for us to chronicle our adventures sampling the food truck fare along with  our favorite Bob giving his opinion on what we ate.

Our mission is to support and promote the Triangle food truck entrepreneurs. Triangle Street Eats is certain that through awareness and active participation, we can build a better economic, social and cohesive community. With nearly 70 established food trucks in the Triangle Area, we anticipate updating about every two weeks. For most-recent reviews, you can follow us and not miss a single edition.

Go out and find you  own favorite .                                                                                                                             The Traveler