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The Players

bruceThe Bad Boy:  He likes it hot. spicy, and full-bodied. 

Café con leche, Jamaican Jerk, and spiny lobster are just a few of his favorite things.  But after days of sailing the blue waters, he just wanted a “Cheeseburger in Paradise.”




southern belleThe Southern Belle: Always looking for some sugar.

Born and bred in the south¸ the belle likes home cooking and coastal cuisine from the Carolinas to the Keys.  She has begun to step outside her comfort zone and expand her palate by trying other regional dishes.  Bless her heart.




maryThe Traveler:  Adventure is her middle name – she’ll try anything once. 

She has worked in or visited 48 states and some foreign soils.   Always looking for the places the locals dine, this traveler has sampled the local and regional fare every chance she could.  She will offer a perspective for the adventuresome diner.  “Travel the world one bite at a time” is her mantra.



bobcatBob the Cat:
  First cousin once removed of Grumpy Cat.

Bob is not just another cat with attitude.  His discerning palate (picky eater) will bring a unique perspective to the site by giving readers a feline critique on various foods.



q_markMystery Diner:  Guess Who? 

From time to time there may be an additional diner.  It may be a friend, out-of-town visitor, or just someone at random asked to join us.