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Movie Review for ‘A 100 Foot Journey’


Since I was not reviewing or eating at food trucks, I went to see the movie, The 100 Feet Journey. While not about food trucks, it a movie about food, change, memories and adaptation. The Kadam family was tragically displaced from their home in India; first moving to England, the settling in France. The father, played by Om Puri, decides to open an Indian restaurant that is located across the street from a well-established French restaurant operated by Madame Mallory played by Hellen Mirren.

Hassan Kadam played by Manish Daval, a young aspiring cook, taught by his mother and self-taught wants to learn to cook French food, while still keeping true to his India roots. His mother had told him scent and taste of food contains the memories of his dead family and friends.

It depicts how change is hard, yet people are adaptable. It made me nostalgic, bringing back memories of the smells of Grandma’s kitchen, my Mom cooking holiday meals and my Dad making coffee and cooking his breakfast after Mom died. I can still smell it all.

While not the best movie I have ever seen, I enjoyed, as did Jack and Bob whom I smuggled into the theatre, since they were bored staying at home. I gave the movie ‘three tires.’ Bob and Jack agreed.

mary_smThe Traveler

Downtown Raleigh Food Truck Rodeo


mary_smToday was the first of four Food Truck Rodeos in Raleigh, North Carolina. The weather was beautiful, the sun was shining and there was a nice breeze, which carried the various scents of food prepared by the different food trucks. The Bad Boy, Southern Bell and I decided to take cab to the event so we could drink if we wished and we did not have to worry about parking.

The Southern Belle had supplied us with menus and a map, so we could take advantage of the extra time we had as VIPs before it opened to the general public, since we were Kickstarter Backers of the Rodeo. This was our first Rodeo, so next time we will know how to organize and budget our time.

For this event we are not rating the individual trucks but looking at the entire experience. It is obvious the various trucks have large followings. I wanted to try the Valentino’s jalapeno poppers, but did not get it done before the crowd poured into Fayetteville Street. The line was long and remained that the entire time we were there. It was the same for many popular food trucks such as Chirba Chirba and Porchetta to name a few.

As with anything there were ups and downs. I was very excited about a couple of things on the menu. I love soft shell crab. The Belle and I arrived at the same time. They took my order first. I received my soft shell crab sliders and the crab was limp and watery. A great disappointment. However the Belle’s crab was cooked perfectly. I was jealous!

We sampled wonderful crab cakes, awesome crayfish Etoufee and Boudin, which could have been made in Louisiana. We also had some items that were not as good, but it did not spoil our day. There were many dogs at the event, but no cats, so Bob was glad he decided to stay home. He is not big on crowds and has become less trusting since our house was robbed.

We sampled ice cream for dessert. Once again Belle received the better dish. My Elvis Milk Shake was melted as soon as the vendor handed it to me, therefore diluting the flavors. The Bad Boy was busy tweeting and taking pictures, so he sampled dishes selected by the Belle and myself. Of course he sampled some of the beer selections along with the food truck food items.

The Belle and I nearly came to blows when I complained about the extra-large baby strollers that assaulted me, abruptly stopped in front of me or in general annoyed me. She felt I was inpatient and had a lacking of understanding for the parents because I never had children. The Bad Boy took the safe course and said nothing. We finally switched topics so no injuries were sustained.

We left the Rodeo feeling full and content, utilizing the new transportation service called Uber. We felt the Food Truck Rodeo was a success and a great way to spend the day.   We are excited about the next three Rodeos and will be better prepared at the next event.

Until we meet again….

The Traveler

Stuff Your Face Dinner and Food Truck Rodeo, Woohoo!!!

Downtown Raleigh Food Truck Rodeo. An exhibit of food and fun in Downtown Raleigh on May 4th.
Downtown Raleigh Food Truck Rodeo. An exhibit of food and fun in Downtown Raleigh on May 4th.

As we have said earlier our mission is to support and promote the Triangle’s food truck entrepreneurs. The Friends found just the way to do this by each of us becoming a Kickstarter backer for the Downtown Raleigh Food Truck Rodeo. Depending on the size of your pledge, a backer could receive rewards from early bird wristbands for the rodeos to an invitation to Stuff Your Face Dinner. Thursday night The Bad Boy and Southern Belle will be off to the Historic City Market Cobblestone Hall for the “Stuff Your Face Food Truck Dinner and Jazz Extravaganza.” This is a five-course sit down dinner served family style and prepared fresh by food trucks. The menu looks great! Happy & Hale, American Meltdown, Porchetta, Chirba Chirba and Not Just Icing will be providing the fare for the dinner. Mint Julep Jazz Band will be playing on stage during the event. Good food and a Jazz Band for entertainment, what more could you ask for? Unfortunately, The Traveler will not be able to attend due to her work schedule.

Sunday, all of us will be sampling food at the Downtown Raleigh Food Truck Rodeo. We will not be reviewing a food truck this week end but will tell you all about the dinner and rodeo. With so many food trucks at the rodeo, why limit our tastings to just one truck?

s_belle_smSee you at the rodeo.

S. Belle