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King’s Authentic Philly at Nickelpoint Brewing


UnknownIn my continuing series of pairing food trucks with local breweries, I have chosen to sample King’s Authentic Philly with Nickelpoint Brewing Company. As random as some of these pairings might seem, I selected this one because the Traveler had met Nicklepoint’s co-owner, Shaluka Perera, at a recent Competition Dining Event the previous week, where Nicklepoint Brewing exhibited several of its crafted beers for those fortunate enough to attend. Shaluka seemed eager to grant us at Triangle Street Eats, unadulterated access to his establishment, for the purposes of this informative write-up.

The name ‘Nickelpoint’ loans itself for the nearby neighborhood of Five Points, to which it is located at 506 Pershing Rd, Raleigh. This location provided Nickelpoint with a convenient location for nearby residents, as well as opportunity to grow and expand. They are currently a 20-barrel microbrewery. Bruce Corregan, Nickelpoint’s other co-owner and brew master, told us about how they plan on developing a canning operation in the foreseeable future. He also express that he would be developing new and original brews for thirsty patrons to enjoy – pushing the envelope of creativity and diversity as it relates to brewing.

One of the more interesting aspects I found of Nickelpoint was that Bruce’s son, Braeden, was working to develop soft drinks – currently root beer and an orange-cream soda – to offer to patrons as well. Belle and I sampled these, and found them to be unique and outstanding. I hope that young Braeden continues to develop original flavors for Nickelpoint’s growing fans and followers.

Unknown-1After looking over the food trucks that frequent Nickelpoint, I had decided that King’s Authentic Philly would be my choice of fare for this pairing. Especially when you consider that I had yet to experience their spin on this remarkable sandwich, which is a Philly staple. Once I had made my pairing, and tweeted-out about my next adventure, I got an immediate response from King’s Authentic Philly to pair Nickelpoint’s Vienna Lager, with their Smokin’ Joe Frazier. The pairing of a hearty, handcrafted lager and a rendition of a classic Philly Cheesesteak sandwich with jalapeño peppers and Pepper Jack Cheese? It was like they knew me – how perceptive! We met the owners of King’s Authentic Philly, John and Barbra Kingston, and found them to be dedicated and friendly, with a passion for food in general, and obsessed with all things Philly…especially cheesesteak!

Belle sampled the ‘Philly’ a more traditional version of the classic Philly, with Provolone cheese. The sandwiches were outstanding, with ample heat from the jalapeño peppers and pepper jack cheese for my Caribbean-based palate, which I extinguished between bites with the Vienna Lager. This experience was warm and friendly. You can enjoy Kings Authentic Philly for every first and third Wednesday at Nickelpoint Brewing for yourself.

I feel that I should mention that there are a few events scheduled for Nickelpoint Brewery that involve beer pairing. The first, celebrating NC Beer Month, will be hosted by Manna, another food truck that frequents Nickelpoint’s establishment. This event will be held on April 6th, from 7 to 9pm. Go here to get more information and tickets. Also, Nickelpoint has bruce_smplanned a beer pairing with Midtown Grille for sometime in April as well, but as of posting, the details have not been made available. Stay Hungry My Friends…Badboy.