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Downtown Cary Food and Flea Market


signSunday, October 12th was the first Downtown Cary Food & Flea Market. This will become a monthly event – 2nd Sunday of each month from 12 – 4.   Downtown Cary Food and Flea is the creative collaboration of Michelle Smith of Gather NC, April Schlanger of Happyfoodwine & Jessica McCarthy of The Humble Pig. Their plan is for the Downtown Cary Food & Flea to be a Multi-cultural market that features local food, local beer, vintage, art, crafts, food goods, kid’s projects and more. It’s their goal is to bring together all the amazing art, food and fun that Cary and the surrounding areas have to offer.

Although it was damp and dreary, Belle and Bad Boy decided to head to downtown Cary for this “first. “ We arrived a little before noon and took a few minutes to do a walk around to take in all the Cary Food and Flea Market had to offer. In addition to the vendors with vintage items and artisans with their wares, there was Liv’s food truck, Boulted Bread and Fortnight Brewery on site. While we were there, we sampled delicious jams and chutneys from happyfoodwine, admired the jewelry from Tiffany Coley Designs, enjoyed the live music and were entertained by the Circus Family. We also had the pleasure of meeting April and Jessica, two of the ladies who are responsible for organizing the Cary Food and Flea Market. They excitedly told us that the next Cary Food and Flea Market would be bigger and better with more vendors. We left with hair bows from Lucy2’s and croissants from Boulted Bread. We will be returning to this market in the months to come.

We encourage you to attend the next Downtown Cary Food and Flea Market, Sunday, November 9th. The circus family, Fortnight Brewery, and live music will all be back. Olio & Aceto food truck will also be there. – Belle


Raleigh Food Truck Rodeo – 3rd Edition


Walking or driving through downtown Raleigh’s Fayetteville Street, you will pass through the business district. Fayetteville Street is tree lined with many benches and tables, giving you an opportunity to relax and enjoy the diversity that has attracted many businesses and residents to call Raleigh, North Carolina their headquarters and home. If, by chance, you are a resident of the greater Triangle Area, you are aware of a myriad of festivals and events that use the Raleigh Downtown district as their backdrop. These events attract thousands of participants from around the state, as well as from around the country. There are several activities to participate in on any given weekend. Once you decide what peaks your interest you can avoid the parking hassles by taking Uber.

For Triangle Street Eats, our vice happens to be food trucks. We have found the Downtown Raleigh Food Truck Rodeo with its energetic atmosphere and numerous food trucks offering diverse flavors to be an event worth attending, again and again.

Attendees are often left to navigate a labyrinth of food trucks and crowds, in order to sample the wonderful fare offered by nearly 50 venders. There are locally crafted beers that can be sampled as well. When you see how the Downtown District is used as a backdrop for this event, you will understand why this event is so popular. If you haven’t had an opportunity to participate in a Downtown Raleigh Food Truck Rodeo, and have been meaning to, you have one more opportunity to do so this year on Sunday, October 12, from 1pm – 6pm.

As is typical for larger events, The Friends started to form a plan-of-action a week or so in advance. Since we have sampled fare from many of the food truck participants, we tried very diligently to sample from those we hadn’t tried yet, as well as from a few tried and true. Below you will find the results of our effort, as well as their links. It is important to appreciate some of what we sampled was specifically offered for the Downtown Raleigh Food Truck Rodeo attendees, as is not necessarily part of their regular menu.



Food Trucks We Visited:

From Virgil’s Jamaica, the Belle and I had sampled the Jerked Chicken before. I enjoyed this flavorful island dish, and asked the Traveler to try it for herself. She said that it was moist and to her liking, but could have used more heat.

From King Creole, we had the blackened pork chop, which again the Belle and myself had sampled at the 2nd Food Truck Rodeo, but the Traveler had not. She commented that it was wonderful in both taste and portion size. She will definitely repeat.

From Hanu Food Truck we sampled the B.S. (Brussel sprouts). They were incredible with a creative medley of flavors. Look forward to having these again, since none of us eat enough greens. We also sampled their duck dumplings, which were delight flavorful, and the dipping sauce was sweet and tangy.

From Parlezvous Crepe, we had a savory special, which is not a regular menu item. It consisted of a delicate crepe, wrapped around smoked salmon, cream cheese, dill and onion. Highly recommended by the friends

Dank Burrito Truck offered jerk chicken tacos, which was one of my favorites of the event. The Traveler commented that it was spicy and great tasting. She loved the moistness of the chicken and would definitely eat it again. A glowing review if ever there was one.

We sampled the truffle mac bites from Olio & Aceto before, and had them again at the Raleigh Downtown Food Truck Rodeo. As they were previously, they were to our collective liking and would recommend them to anyone looking for gooey goodness.

From Mama Dukes, we sampled their breaded shrimp. They were tasty but would have preferred more shrimp and less fries and salad. $10 for only 5 shrimp is over-priced.

From Barone Meatball we sampled the crab balls. We collectively determined that they had too much filler, and seemed slightly undercooked.

From American Meltdown, one of most popular food truck in the Triangle, we sampled their Pigs & Figs. It is no wonder that this is one of their more popular sandwiches – very sweet, smooth and moist.

From Gussy’s Greeks, we sampled Greek Lasagna and gyro. The lasagna was not spicy enough. The béchamel sauce was light and fluffy, but lacked flavor. The gyro, on the other hand was very good, loved the meat and sauce.

The sheer amount of food that can be sampled at one of these events can be overwhelming. Try as we did, it was impossible to taste more than we did, even when we paced ourselves. One thing is certain, to experience one of these events first-hand is a must if you want to get a feel for the extraordinary phenomena culture surrounding food trucks, and all things related, like this blog. Stay hungry my friends!

The Traveler, Southern Belle and Bad Boy




Brunch with Olio and Aceto – A Review



As this is Memorial Day week-end, Triangle Street Eats, wants to say “Thank you to all veterans.” We are grateful for those who gave their lives, so we could live ours! We will remember with gratitude and pride all those who served and died for our country and our freedom – “All gave some, Some gave all”

For the three day week-end the Belle and Bad Boy decided to do a staycation in the Triangle but The Traveler’s itchy feet got the best of her and she took some extra time off to head out on a road trip. Look for a post in the near future about all her adventures.   Just because The Traveler was out of town there was no reason for Triangle Street Eats not to do a review. So Belle and Bad Boy decided to see where the food trucks were planning to serve Saturday and Sunday – preferably a food truck at a local brewery. We were in luck! Chai’s Global Street Food was scheduled to be at Raleigh Brewing Company Saturday. After arriving and ordering Moravian Rhapsody, a crisp, hoppy pilsner, we were told the food truck had broken down. Of dear, what to do? What else but order another round! As another well-known Southern Bell said, “After all, tomorrow is another day.” Once again, we were in luck and Olio and Aceto was going to be serving brunch at Fortnight Brewery on Sunday.   Although we usually think of food truck fare for either lunch or dinner, brunch was a novel idea. So, Sunday found Belle and Bad Boy headed out to have brunch with Olio and Aceto.

Southern Belle:

s_belle_smSunday, before leaving for Fortnight Brewery to sample the fare of Olio and Aceto, I was checking their menu on the web and couldn’t help but tweet about how good menu selections looked. I quickly received a response from them saying they would not be serving their standard menu, but a brunch menu instead. Thanks, Olio and Aceto for being so thoughtful – great customer service! On our way to Fortnight Brewery via Uber, Bad Boy and I decided we would have to order at least one item we knew The Travel would have ordered. As soon as we took a look at the brunch menu we knew biscuits and sausage gravy would be The Traveler’s choice (she orders this whenever available when the friends do breakfast) along with Mac and Cheese bites. A cheddar biscuit with honey mustard glazed ham and French Toast with raspberry cream cheese, lemon icing, raspberries and granola were my selections.

The cheddar biscuit with honey mustard glazed ham was not your typical ham biscuit. The biscuit was tender with just the right about of cheese and the ham was moist. The honey mustard glazed added to the perfection of this selection. The biscuit and gravy was quite hardy and filling. The gravy was smooth with a velvety texture and loaded with tasty sausage. Next, I moved on to the Mac and Cheese bite. The bite was lightly breaded which let the flavor of the mac and cheese with just a hint of spicy come through. It was a bite of gooey goodness, yum. I think Bob would have liked the bite. Now for the pièce de résistance, the French Toast!! Olio and Aceto’s presentation of the French Toast was picture perfect, encouraging you to dig-in. The first bite of this raspberry cream cheese ladened piece of heaven made my eyes roll back. I definitely did not want to share the French Toast. It was delightful and I wanted it ALL. But, that’s not the way this works, so I grudgingly gave the Bad Boy a small piece to try.

Now that I have sampled the brunch menu, I can’t wait to give the standard menu a try. Thank you. Olio and Aceto for a wonderful brunch, it was awesome, awesome. Can I say awesome one more time!

Bad Boy:

bruce_smBrunch, the word beckons the opportunity to sleep-in. No wonder it has become a tradition for Sunday morning when the following Monday is a holiday. Since we had missed an opportunity to catch Chai’s Global Street Food at Raleigh Brewing Company the day before, we decided on Sunday to dine with Olio and Aceto at Fortnight Brewery, and sample a ‘flight’ of English-styled-brews as well.

Upon arriving, we found the crowd thinner than on our previous visit. Likely a tribute to the holiday weekend, with so many people having planned to be elsewhere and who could blame them. After looking over the menu board, I had decided that I would try Biscuits & Gravy, in honor of the traveler, who was not able to join us. For a dollar more, I had added a poached egg. I had also decided to try a mac-n-cheese bite. With the Southern Belle’s selections of a Cheddar Biscuit, with honey mustard glazed ham and French toast with raspberry cream cheese, lemon icing, fresh raspberries and granola, we had a broad enough sampling of Olio and Aceto’s fare.

They brought it to us inside, where I was now working on my second of four samples from the ‘flight’. Eager to sample the cuisine, I started in on the biscuits & gravy. I was glad I had gotten the poached egg with it. It gave the course a good balance, with a thick full-bodied sausage gravy and a biscuit for balance, it was very special. If I had one critique, it was that the biscuit could have been a little more tender and flakey.

The Cheddar Biscuit, with honey mustard glazed ham on the other hand was perfectly developed, even the biscuit! The flavorful honey mustard glazing complemented the ham wonderfully, as well as the third brew I was now starting on. I had a bite of the mac-n-cheese bite. I was pleased to note that it had just enough heat to appreciate the balance of mac-n-cheese, enveloped in light breading, deep-fried. As I fought back the urge to go outside and get another mac-n-cheese bite, I realized that we still had one dish left to sample, French toast! The French toast was made from a baguette, giving it a true French emphasis. Accompanied with a wonderful raspberry cream cheese and fresh raspberries, the dish was a delight. Who needs sticky syrup when you can have lemon icing instead anyway.

To the hard working ladies of Olio and Aceto, you can make me breakfast anytime. I also look forward to sampling you usual fare, perhaps at the up-and-coming Raleigh Food Truck Rodeo next month.

The Traveler:

mary_smOn a road trip.  Sorry I missed brunch with my friends.  Belle and Bad Boy get ready for another food truck adventure when I return.  I can’t wait to do another review with you!   Right now, I’m writing my travel log for this trip that I will be sharing with everyone later.