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Snap Pea Pop Up Dinner


UnknownSnap Pea Underground is the work of Chef Jacob Boehm, a Stanford University graduate who spent some time working for James Beard-award-winning chef Andy Ricker of Pok Pok in Portland, Ore. The name snap pea was thought up Chef Boehm on a run in East Palo Alto while he was living in the Bay Area.

Chef Boehm states he developed his love of cooking out of his love of eating. Additionally, in his family growing up, if you cooked, you didn’t have to clean!​ Much of his creativity is rooted in his mother’s creativity with ingredients that she had around, or ones that were on sale, or looked particularly good at market. He remembered one occasion during citrus season when Blood Oranges were super on sale, and she bought maybe 30lbs of them and we just went at them, making all kinds of things.

I had the opportunity to meet his mother, and she was truly a delight. She is obviously very proud of her children and their accomplishments. Chef Boehm’s sister, Tova Boehm, has a company called Short Winter Soups.

I enjoyed the Chef’s unique creations and hope you will want to experience this as well! I shared the evening with Laura who works at the Umstead Hotel, Carla and David from Chapel Hill, previous clients of Chef Boehm, Bruce and Nancy, Parents of the Chef, Leyla employee of the Chef enjoying dinner as a guest and Cathy, visiting Carla and David, childhood friends from Canada. They were great dinner companions, as we critiqued each course.

 How Snap Pea Dinners Work:

The eight-course dinner will be held at a secret location near the N.C. Museum of Art in Raleigh. The specific address will be emailed to the attendees 36 hours beforehand. The dinner is BYOB. The dinners start at 7 p.m. and last about three hours.

Info and tickets: snappeacatering.com

On March 12 I received an email giving these details:

Pop-up dinner: tomorrow!

Here are the details:

  •  Time: Please arrive between 6:30-6:45 to grab seats (and pop open your wine). Dinner will start promptly at 7PM and last around 3 hours.
  •  Location: RAC (Raleigh Arts Collective) 500 Royal St, Raleigh, NC 27607. Please park on the street or to the right of the building.

To Bring:

Any alcoholic beverages you’d like! The event is BYOB, which means you can bring beer, wine, liquor, anything you like, at no charge. For the menu, we’d recommend:

  • White Wine: Dry Viognier
  • Red Wine: Oregon Pinot Noir

See you soon!

-Snap Pea Underground

Owners of RAC; Raleigh Artistic Collections


  • Matthew Willoughby
  • Hatcher Perry
  • Aaron Burkhart

Manager: Ryan Robinson

The Raleigh Arts Collective or RAC was started in January 2014 by three friends with the dream of creating the ultimate work/play space. With the support of the City of Raleigh and especially the community known as the Fire Triangle the RAC came into being. As it grew we began to see the true potential and need for an underground collaborative workspace, event space, and multi-use space. With area for people from entrepreneurs, to artist, to weekend projectors of the Raleigh area to come together and have an inspiring place to create and enjoy life. The RAC is like no other space in the triangle and we would love to have you a part of it, a place for you to explore your own curiosities.”

“The Raleigh Arts Collective is a maker-space; a creative, Do-It-Yourself space “where people can gather to create, invent, and learn”. Through the sharing of skills, knowledge, and resources, we hope to inspire creativity, strengthen community relations, and promote collective consumption. By working together and alongside other makers, we love to see members of our community share their knowledge, expertise, and encouragement.”

Membership at the Raleigh Arts Collective gives you access to the space, tools and community to work on your creative projects. Whether you’re a master maker or a curious novice, the RAC is the place for you. Check out the different types of membership we offer below. All members of the maker space must take a shop safety class prior to gaining floor access. -Insurance Requirements… DUH-

We charge collective dues to help us do what we do so we can help you do what you do. In other words, collective dues help us keep this place running. Lots of coffee and beer also help this place run, and donations are always accepted. **Collective Dues are built into the pricing.**

Unlimited Hall Pass (1-month): $120.   Gives you access to the shop to use all the tools and have all the fun for a full month. Seven days a week, open to close.

***Sign up for an unlimited monthly pass by April 1st and get $20 off!!!***

Day Pass: $20. Gives you all day to play with full shop access, from open to close.

Three-Day Pass: $40. Gives you full shop access for any three days of your choosing, from open to closing.

RAC Pass (1-year): $1000. Gives you full access to the shop for an entire year. It’s like everlasting recess!!

RAC Hack Pass: $50. Gives you access to shared floor space to work on computer-related projects, hacking, Arduino, robotics or whatever else you can think of for a full month. No access to any shops.

We offer a 20% discount for students (with valid ID) and seniors for all monthly memberships. Group discounts also available.

Steelmaking is the process for producing steel from iron and ferrous ores and scrap. Chef Boehm created his concept of creating his menu from the process of making steel due to the industrial feeling of the RAC space.


Course 1: Imputs

  • Sesame Brittle
  • Lime Coconut Cream
  • MX Coke Syrup

Course 2: Molten Ore

  • Sweet Potato Peanut Soup
  • Crispy Quinoa
  • Toasted Pumpkin Seed Oil

Course 3: Recycled Material

  • Oat and Feta Salad
  • Austrian Winter Pea Tendrils
  • Charred Grapefruit Vinegrette

Course 4: Oxygen Furnace

  • Smoked Sweet Potato Mousse
  • Sweet Tooth Mushrooms
  • Really Good Olive Oil
  • NC Balsamic

Course 5: Hot Rolling

  • Roasted Rampini
  • Le Puy Lentils
  • Salted Yogurt
  • NC Balsamic

Course 6: Semi-Finished Casting

  • Sun Chokes a Bunch of Ways
  • Blood Orange Reduction
  • Annatto

Course 7: Continuous Casting

  • Braised Young Romain
  • Crispy Pastured Egg
  • NC Black Walnut

Course 8: Ladle

  • Roasted Apple & Sticky Rice
  • Honey Pecan Butter
  • Stinging Nettle Pesto
  • Spicy Daikon Chutney

Course 9: Cold Rolling

  • Oat Cake
  • Chamomile Mousse
  • NC Grain Crumble
  • Ginger Pickled Apples

Course 10: Surface Treatment

  • Ashed Pecan Cake
  • Honey and Coriander Cream
  • Lemon Jam
  • Candied Pecans

Course 11: Tempering

  • Ice Cream Sandwich


  • Rachel Schmidt (Guest Pastry Chef)
  • Tova Boehm
  • Sarah ​ ​Acuff
  • Byron Wall​

NC Sources

  • Brinkley Farms
  • Woodfruit Woodland Delicacies
  • Heeks Farm
  • George Jones Plant Farm
  • Jones Farms
  • Wise Farm
  • Cottle Organics
  • Triple J
  • Sunshine Cove
  • Coastal Plains
  • Maple View Dairy
  • Boulted Bread
  • Whitfield Farm
  • Anson Mills
  • Highland Gourmet Local Bakery
  • Carolina Ground
  • Mills River Creamery
  • Honeysuckle Tea House
  • Lindley Millsa

mary_smTill Next Time…The Traveler.